Esk8 6s/3s switch

Has anyone here ever made/purchased a 3s to 62 switch? What I mean is a switch that would allow you to power the board off, hit the switch (changing from 3s to 6s / 6s to 3s), then power the board back up.

I have some ideas on how to wire it but I figured why reinvent the wheel.

definitely possible. Personally I would never run 3s. too inefficient, too high amps. 6s is my bare minimum.

Why would you wan to try to run 3s? 6s is already very low torque.

I can only go so fast in the warehouse, would save battery, sometimes just wanna crawl, etc.

Its pretty easy to do that, just use a SPST switch. Lemme draw it up for you 1 sec. Edit:

Do 6s. 6s is slow and very easy to control

Looks easy enough. Thanks m8.

My board does 15mph at 6s, I’m just looking for an easy way to limit that and extend battery life.

Get a vesc, I did 3s because I wanted less speed, but the torque hit is quite big.