eSk8 app UI help wanted

Hi everyone. This thread is a bit off topic from normal, but I figured I could try here because of all the great eSk8 apps. I’m currently working on an eSk8 analytics app (more info to come), and while I’m ok with the backend, I can’t deal with the UI for iOS. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with this. Please message me if you do, and I’ll explain a bit more of what needs to be done.

lol ios ui designer is why i learned android :joy: let me know when you get there

Believe me, iOS UI is hell on earth

lol i’m sure.

i’m hoping the new android lang gets an ios export option so i never have to to back into that horrible thing…

What about ionic framework. Could that be helpful ?

I would recommend using React Native, facebooks java script framework for developing native applications for iOS and Android. You write in java script for both platforms at the same time.

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The main issue I have is graphs. There I can’t find any frameworks or api for them. There are plenty for charts, but what I really need is a program where you put in a math equation, like y =ax^2 + bx + c or y = a log(b x) + c.

You should look in to Xmarin. One code set, multiple cross platform deployments… no hassle.

I agree with @karma, React Native is fantastic. We have been using it at work for the last 11 months in combination with the Victory Native charting package.

Apps are written in Javascript, which outputs 100% native (no WebViews, like Phonegap) iOS and Android apps from the same codebase.

You can give it a try here. Shout if you have any questions, I’d be happy to help.

Can the c# by any chance be used side by side with swift? It would be great to use C# for UI, but the backend is already half written in swift.

I actually haven’t worked much with JavaScript in the last few years and I don’t think I’m very fluent. My main issue at the moment is the graphing, and I am primarily targeting iOS right now. I may make an android release in time, but for now I’m mainly just focusing on iOS.

Awesome, one more question. Can I use it on my pc or do I have to use my Mac desktop? One of my least favorite things about Xcode is it isn’t available on Windows.

You should look at d3.js for graphing etc.

PC definitely! A Mac is a toy computer, why on earth would you want to try and develop on a toy computer!? :confused:

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