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Apps are the easiest way to get to things, I have no doubt about it. Sure the Internet is great, but you still have to type in the url for where you want to go. I’m in this website every day, and it seems logical to me that it would be time for an Esk8 app with 1-tap access to the forum. I don’t have the programming skills or the know-how to do this, but I’d be willing to learn and figure it out. So: Is this a good idea? Would anybody else use this? Let me know, and help is always appreciated


i would use it

On iOS you can add an URL icon to your home screen. I assume something similar exists in Android. What would an app add to this ?

If i’m not mistaken this forum is built on the Discourse platform. The discourse team that has pretty directly said that they do not want to build any type of app, and I suspect that it would be difficult for us to build something just for this forum. They don’t even want to built a plug-in with the existing app TapATalk, which I find to be a decent app for other forums.

I can code a bit and help out if needed (Android)

This site has one of the best mobile experiences I have ever seen - not sure what the benefit of an app would be.

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@anorak234 I access the site from multiple mobile devices and I find that the design is responsive to each browser; I can’t imagine an app creating a better experience without a lot of sophisticated design work to take the content and make it more flashy. I’d definitely try it, but I’m not exactly sure what problem it would solve.

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I’m on IOS, how would you create an app from a URL?``

Seems to me like they tried to make an app a while ago but the link is now invalid, I don’t know if it went very far

You don’t create an app, you create a home screen icon that will open up the site directly in Safari.

To do it from any page in Safari: tap the square with the arrow pointing upward, and choose “Add to Home Screen”

The site is indeed already mobile-proof. So I don’t really think it’s necesairy to make an app. I have a software development degree and I’m familiar in creation a apps, so creating one is no problem. The bigger question to ask yourself, Why would you want to add an additional cost if the site works great already.

Android = 25$ yearly IOS = some fixed price + some charges per download of the app.

android is $25 life time

Maybe an app that loads the website into the app? With custom styling for mobile devices -This way all elements (buttons, text boxes, etc) can look like app buttons, instead of website buttons (but they really are web buttons)

This is usually 10x easier than building a dedicated app.

Why not an app that creates an app to load the url into an app ? :sunglasses:


You forgot the app that loads/starts the first app :smiley: