Esk8 Battery/motor issues

First time builder I’m thinking about using just one Multistar High Capacity 20000mAh 6S 10C Multi-Rotor Lipo Pack to make charging easier, but I’m not sure how much power or range that will give to my motor. The motor I’m looking at is a Sensored 5065 Motor 270kv. Just looking for some guidance so I don’t make the wrong decision.

It will work, provided that both the ESC and motor can handle that voltage and give a decent performance.

You might find that 2 3s packs or smaller 6s packs are easier to install on a board. The thicker the battery, the more often it’s going to hit the ground.

I recommend higher C rate. 10c isn’t enough imo

With 10 C on a 20 Ah battery you could pump out 200 amps, so it should do just fine if you are not trying to skate up 80 degree hills.

multistar batteries do have really low C rate and are in reallity more like 5c, so these will sag a lot and die pretty quickly due to that. There are a few people running them and are happy, but normally you should look for something more in the 30C+ range.

You can calculate range like this:

20aH x 3,7V x 6 cells = 444 Wh

You´ll need about 10 Wh/km so:

444 Wh : 10Wh/km = 44,4 km (this depends on riding style and riders weight and can vary)