eSK8 Builder log: From epic noob to master builder - 1st edition

Hello gents,

1st of all, I would like to thank every single one of you who have shared their experience building eSK8 and/or eSK8 components. Without you, I would never have done what I am about to do… Build my own! Unlike certain people, which shall not be named here today, (Referring to the saga over the weekend), I did my homework :smile: and educated myself. Quite a lot actually.

As I said in the introduction thread, I am an epic noob. However, the information, links, images, people, warnings, do’s and don’t found here made me a neophyte :wink: in less then a few weeks.

Now it is time to test them new sea legs O mine! Yar! … Here it goes…

Everyone, meet Sweetness (Yup, I’m naming her!)

Sweetness is a Loaded Fat tail, flex 1. Being I’m 175 pounds shes not too bendy which should keep the LIPO safe. And look at the curves on her Caliber trucks! Perfect for DIY’s incoming motor mount! She will be SWEET!

Another part I already have in hand is this little pearl (Got it for 100$ CAD!).

I found it in a RC shop in Montreal (Canada), where I’m from. It is actually a 245kv according to the manufacturer. I’ll have to grind a flat on the shaft. Not sure I am ready for a Keyway just yet.

Anyone ever used a Power HD motor? I haven’t seen the brand mentioned in any post but the brand looks legit…

I’m going for a VESC, which I already ordered from @chaka which should be sent in a week or so. Everything else is on a UPS plane or truck somewhere around the world. I’ll keep updating this topic as I progress and will possibly youtube the whole thing. If I do i’ll let you know.

Stay tuned…


We likey pictures!

Lol good stuff look forward to following…if you need help…post up and these guys will hopefully get u in the right direction :+1:t2:

Looking forward for updates! Yes youtube videos would be nice too!

I use to live in Verdun…

We would have parts shipped to NY over the boarder and pick it up to avoid taxes lol

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Wait, are you claiming you illegally reimported aluminum and copper back into Quebec? :wink:

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Question for you guys. I keep finding quotes here and there about 9mm belts not being strong enough on strong acceleration / breaking.

I know for a fact that the DIY kit I ordered from DIY comes with a 9mm belt.

Now for the question… Is DIY’s pulley wide enough to support a 12mm belt?

my DIY pulley is exactly 9mm and will not fit a12mm belt. Mine is a kegel pulley however

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Lol essentially lol

Best way to confirm is email or msg @torqueboards

Dexter will tell you what’s up…

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Bahahaha! WELCOME!!! to the forum. You may want to add a second motor and esc for 9mm or just buy a new 15mm belt and pulleys. The second option isnt expensive at all.

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He isn’t referring to whosy whatsit? Is he?? Lol

Thanks for the warm welcome :slight_smile:

Guess i could also configure the VESC for slow acceleration and light breaking for now.

Is it me or what I just wrote doesn’t sound fun?

Any suggestions on where I could get 15mm pulleys (abec flywheels) and belts from? I don’t remember seeing those on @torqueboards store?

Whosy whatsit mctalkstoomuch?

I think it was Troll McAskALot

Yes! Exactly!

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Why the 15mm pulley?

This :slight_smile: I’ll be on a single motor setup.

I do have 15mm 36t pulleys on the way. But, I have yet to get an ETA…

Ok what’s wrong with 12mm easier to find

Because 15mm is cooler! :sunglasses: Actually if you own caliber ii’s with a 15mm pulley you’ll have to grind a flat spot on the hanger to make it level if I’m not mistaken.