Esk8 builders user stats. Show your research time!

I hope there’'s a not a similar topic as this one… There seems to be polls on how many times a day you check the forum and from what device but I thought it would be interesting to compare the read / post time.

So here are my stats:


Dont know how the timer is set (for counting read time, although 125 days translate to around 4 months, which is quite correct for the overall time spent here.

No one beats my stats. :facepunch:t3::joy:


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Here is mine :

Joined April 9th. 180 days have passed to date.

time flies! I need to read less and get more work done on my build!!


152 days visited 9d read time 4.9k posts read

110 given 130 bookmarks

7 topics created 340 posts created

154 received

Bump! I think this was a nice idea to post stats… but it just missed some sort of ‘‘progress’’ or ending to this :slight_smile:

Perhaps - who can tell that he is on the forum since its beginning?

I know ‘‘Onloop’’ could definately apply for this one… as he was the one who made this forum!

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