eSk8 class and club

Hey everyone!

I may have an opportunity to work with my county’s office of education to create classes on STEM. They are looking for project we can teach and send people home with.

My idea was eSk8. I love the hobby, and honestly would love to broaden then spectrum of people in my area riding!

My goal is to create a month-long class going through safety, riding a normal board, how and why everything works, and ending in students actually building the board.

There’s a lot to work out before I propose the idea, but what do you guys think? What should be included?


I like the idea and am willing to help. We could demo our boards and teach the basics of mechanical engineering that are used in esk8.

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It would be a great way to introduce lessons on electricity and how forms of math’s that seem irrelevant before are relevant now.

Alot of concepts can be hammered in.

I would try segmenting the lessons based on the different fields involved such as Mechanical Electrical Engineering, Mechanics, etc just to introduce kids to various fields they might want to explore to build there own things.

Your issue may come with the cost associated with it all.


Use lower voltage like 6s and use car esc… that should keep the costs down. Enertion has the old motor mount design free you can down load it …



That’s is an excellent idea. I especially like the safety factor and teaching the students how to build their own. I believe this technology is the future of motion and will soon drive anything. We are in. Hyper ion systems

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For the boards you can use Custom Skateboards Blank longboards

There really inexpensive and are durable.

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Having done stem camps id say to:

Keep it simple. Break it into modules (safety, mechanical, electrical, programming, riding)

Design safety into each activity, do as much prep work yourself but allow the students to do a little bit of the ‘dangerous’ stuff.

Double the amount of time you think it should take for any given activity.

Activity liability waivers for the entire event as well as explicit waivers for the more dangerous portions (soldering, riding, etc)

Prepare for the unexpected - someone will get hurt. It is inevitable. Get your first aid cert.

Also, use lipos if you can. Just easier.


We’d be under a program given about $75,000. Honestly safety is my main issue I think!

I planned on drilling safety into it. Like, every day. First aid certification is a really good idea actually, hadn’t thought of that! I would probably do a lot of prep work, but let them assemble it.

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Maybe I can find 3 different options they can choose from in the beginning?

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Part of it was showing how important electric vehicles will be!

Interesting! I like the competition aspect!

That would to let them choose, you should do this one as one of them, It kinda resembles a boosted board.

also, check out the Podium(The simple one).