esk8 craigslist and the E-Board Market

I just want to get some clarification on the esk8 craigslist and the E-Board Market.

I had made a post in the EBM looking for broken motors. that was then moved to the esk8 craigslist even though it fits within the description of the EBM.

Now another post has been moved into the esk8 craigslist, even though it is an example of what is directly described in the description of the EBM.

I just want to have a discussion about what is and is not allowed in the EBM. and an explanation on why instead of having multiple threads with one sale each where the seller and buyers can clearly communicate, we have one massive thread with a ton of different sellers and buyers coming in all at the same time trying to talk about specific sales in between the conversations of other people talking about their own sales.

edit: here is the description that is listed in the drop down menu for making a new post

Agreed. This is getting confusing. We need more categories for new parts for sale, used parts for sale, want to buy, etc. Maybe even broken down by component types for sale, e.g., esc’s, motors, batteries, completes, etc.

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That was my thought, if we can create subcategories under EBM that would fix all these issues

When I made the craigslist thread a while back my intention was to encourage more people to post their stuff online because sometimes the item you’re wanting to sel isn’t worth a thread. Also it was meant for people to causally check every so often to see if anything was added on the thread just like craigslist.

I agree though. It is confusing and this discussion is good to have.

I think it should be something where if someone wants to post there they can, but if they want to post in EBM or a subcategory (if we can get some made) then they can do that. But i dont think the mods should be moving around peoples posts depending on where they think that post should be.

Well being a moderator myself, that’s our job. To keep the forum organized. but it is something we need to get cleared up.

My POV is that the E-board market is for people that are selling parts as a company or made by themselves. Esk8 Craigslist is for people that have used parts or parts that are from a different company such as turnigy. I am open to new rules though. It just keeps everything organised.

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The description says “list your items for sale”. Doesn’t state anything about just businesses or people selling production products.

I think its fine having sale posts in the Esk8 Craigslist and the market category. That’s what there are there for.

Unless the market and board overall gets overwhelmed by ‘craigslist’ style posts, I don’t see why we shouldn’t just categorize those posts the same as regular market posts. Another option is to create a new label for esk8 craigslist instead of just having new posts nested in an old post.

That is a good idea. A category for Esk8 craigslist and a category for companies and individuals who sell custom made stuff.

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And maybe even a group buy category.

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Another idea I’d like to suggest is that when a seller sells an item, please change the title of the thread to “SOLD” Makes it a hell of a lot easier to skim through without having to click a thread, scroll down forever, only to find that it is sold…When you sell out title it sold, for fuck’s sake!! :confused: