Esk8 Engineering Presentation

Hello there!

My name is Jake De Necochea. I am the Engineering Marketing Intern at the Northern California Grow Manufacturing Initiative (GMI). My job is to help connect advanced manufacturers to educators in order to train a skilled workforce for the future of manufacturing. I have been asked to create a presentation for junior high and high school students about my esk8 board, the engineering practices I used, constraints, versions, problems, and the future of my board.

I wanted to get input from the community as to what should be included in this presentation. While this is more about inspiring kids about what you can do with engineering, I also want to bring awareness to the hobby.

I use this board as my primary mode of transportion, so I am constantly upgrading and innovating. It is used to solve a problem, which is why it is being used in the presentation.

So, in terms of education, what is important? At the presentation, should I allow kids to ride the board? What sort of visuals should I implement?

Thanks in advance!

Edit: View the current presention here!


Esc’s for SURE! Also motors, switches, batteries, and mechanics.

I would say no just because it’s very dangerous for those who can’t ride(roast me brothas :wink:) and your board is probably illegal too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. But you can show them you riding it. :grin:

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I planned on all of that, but I think describing how everything works would be a great idea.

They aren’t actually illegal in california, as long as it doesn’t go over 20mph and has headlights, tail lights, and reflectors on the side. I plan to conform to everything except speed soon :joy:

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I think it’s important to make it not to complex but make sure they understand the basics :slight_smile: Maybe you could use the guide I wrote :slight_smile:

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2000 watt limit. If you are using 6374 or dual, you’re already broken the law :rofl:


The motor I am using is 6364 190kv 2000 watts… and I plan to upgrade to dual for sure… Oh well!

Official verdict. No one can ride it but me.


That is beautiful! Can I use some of the pictures? I will use my own wording, but the pictures are really nice

@ZackoryCramer @e.board_solutions

I linked the presentation so far if you want to take a look. It is in edit in the original post.

I don’t have acces, I would be interesting to have a good presentation others could use aswell :slight_smile:

Fixed. I would be happy to upload the presentation when it is completely finished, the more publicity the better!

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You should try explain the electronics with the water analogy. Easier for younglings to understand

Battery = bottle of water. High discharge = 1 litre bottle with big cap, low discharge = wine bottle

Current = amount of water passing through Voltage = water pressure Resistance = tight neck or pipe restricting water flow Switch = valve

Motor = water wheel, more pressure (voltage) = more speed. More water (current) = more torque. Low kv = big water wheel, high kv = small water wheel


Voltage, I push that. Resistor, I hold that. Current, I flow that.



I fully Disagree with what you’ve said about scooters being safe and longboards Unstable. Here is something me and @Deckoz wrote up about the scooters and longboards,


This is so true. Also the difference between skateboarders and longboarders. Helmets aren’t even a question when it comes to longboarding

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That does make a lot of sense actually. I will change that. Are scooters more stable than long boards though? There really isn’t much opportunity for speed wobble in a scooter as far as I can tell.

I like that idea. I explained how the motor works using a cat chasing its tail.

Tail=magnetic fields created by stator coils Head=magnets in rotor

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If you let go of the scooter handles your wheel will make you fly off somewhere, And if you fall from standing position Like holding scooter handles you will have a bigger impact on the ground. these are just some things that are easy to explain. Don’t want to get into the whole topic of how longboard trucks are stable across 4 wheels speed wobbles only occur when riding loose etc.

And why write “smaller wheels=less torque required” I mean Lower gearing, lower motor KV = more Torque, It seems like a desperate attempt to seem smart,

Its not a desperate attempt, the rest is explained later. That was one of the main factors in the decision before even starting research on motors and all that, so I thought it necessary to put it there. I changed the electric vehicles slide to match more with what you are saying.

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cool dude, Like your build its just like mine just I got 9s higher amperage cells. oh and 25mph+ more like 23mph ( if you use the keda 190kv.).what 8s lipos will you use? If there like 20c then you’ll get voltage sag uphill.