Esk8 is looking for new owner! part out possible


My diy esk8 is looking for a new owner! the reason is that I want to make an new Esk8 this winter as project! its a Loaded vanguard deck with glassfibre layer on it for carbon look. Eboosted enclosures Roll to start martinsp antisparkswitch ( latest version) Evolve double kingpin trucks custom build on MAD Hubs! Magsafe chargeport! Mtr pro Dual focbox 10s4p wich need some love ( a little voltage sag or i it needs to charge for a while… )

this board is so smooth, flex, the looks, but also the performance ofcours! the hubs are powerfull as heck!!

with a new 10s4p you will get over 40km per charge!

part out possible! I am open for offers! thx! Located in Europe, netherlands sam

also i have 83mm evolve wheels, almost new, are almost unused! 100mm mbs greenwheel, used in very good condition… and aliexpress 6inch At wheel WITH custom printed pulleys!



If parted out, prices for the deck and focbox? What Version focbox are they?

hi, do you have unity in there or dual focbox? and if focbox how much for it?

i could get one focbox if the price is wright

Would like the mad hubs

Also have some wheels laying around!. Pictures will come soon :slight_smile:

Where rae you located?


How much for metr pro

also interested in wheels, PM sent

what lights are those?

very bright ones! build in with BEC. :slight_smile:

Hi! I’m Stig.

Im interested in the evolve trucks and the antisparkswitch. How much for both of them? Also i live in belgium so the shipping is either gonna be low or i can even come pick them up if youre not too far away from home :wink:

You do know thát the back/rear hanger is customized zo it fits the mad hubs ?

I’m aware of that. How much for the trucks + Hubs?



How much for the focbox? Thx!

Sold dear?