Esk8 map of users

Hey folks, everytime i have the problem that i do not know which user lives in my near area… I thought it would be a great idea to create a map with all active users of this community.

Please feel free and insert your location with your nickname!

If you do not know how to add your address to the map then just watch this little video:

That way we can better build squads :wink:

I hope many people will insert their location.


Good idea, nice to see who is around.

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Done! Nice idea.

nice idea… hollywood fl. in da house! just got my trampa last night! wooohoooo!

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Wonder if is any one in Scotland near Aberdeen?

From roll call thread


Which model did you get? I just received a Street Carver.

Holypro 16 ply 35 deg, Vertigo trucks, 8 inch Superstar wheels, Ratchet bindings, twin 136kV with mounts, 66/15 1:4.40 ratio.

oops. thought I rotated it the right way…sorry.


Great idea, just added myself! :slight_smile:

Bump this thread to the top :smiley:

Are there any more germans or was that all?

Any Dutch riders around the “Green Heart” ? :wink:

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done! good idea :slight_smile:

On the board!

Small Bump again

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Added in Sacramento, CA

Off topic: I really don’t like the UI of the ZeeMaps, I can’t zoom using mousewheel and so on. We could use native Google Maps feature for that ( ), what do you think ?

Use Double Click for zoom and right Click for reverse zoom. If you want to make something else you are free to do it. Imo this map is sufficient. It does all what we need :wink:

You are right, it’s sufficient, but if we could improve it, why not? I have migrated the map to the Google Maps, feel free to use it:

Everyone has access to modify the map, just add your markers. There was, however, a problem with migrating few users, there is a list:

If anyone of you likes this software more than a ZeeMaps, please add your markers manually.


I think the functionality of the Google map is a bit better. It would be awesome if we could get this thread stickied.


Hi, already added my name to the Google Maps. I’m still the only one from Portugal. :slight_smile: