eSk8 Market now Closed

After explaining I think it would be useful to add this to the website. I will definitely get this going as soon as possible.

@onloop thanks for your advice! I value it and want to learn from experienced people in my field.

Awesome! Thanks for listening to my request as well, I think the esk8 market will do well with someone like you at the head

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I have added a sub category under decks for custom pieces. This should fit your business quite well.

Thank you! I’ll look forward to watching this entire market expand :slight_smile:

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cannot connect to stripe. no page for it

Thanks for letting me know, it is fixed now @link5505

Stating your own esk8 business just got even easier! Now there is a through How To Series on how to start selling on the US eSk8 Market or EU eSk8 Market

YouTube Playlist:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

I know the videos are not perfect but, I think they get the point across. Video 1 & 4 are kind of basic, while you NEED to watch 2 &3!

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I could only mention 10 people at once: @Nowind @Kaly @psychotiller

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Thank you! This will be very helpful, I’ll watch them by the end of the week

No problem!

The server has been down.

What does this mean? “Fatal error: Call to undefined function dokan_is_user_seller() in /home/electricjared/public_html/wp-content/plugins/dokan-simple-auction/class/class-auction.php on line 213”

Edit: never mind. it works.

Hmm… I saw that you edited and it now works, Something is wrong on the front end… I am going to look into it, I didnt realize the problem because the back end is perfect.


Just letting you know that this link doesn’t work anymore.

Yes I updated the software and there seems to be a bug, I am going to try and downgrade to the previous version.

Hahaha I think I messed it up trying to log in

Trying to find a solution… @barajabali must have found the smallest bug in the code and wrecked the whole website, the whole software force deactivated (not good)

Ok I have found the problem, when @barajabali tried to login multiple times and it blocked his IP, the software’s update was using dofferent code from the limit login attempts, so it forced the software to auto deactivate. No it is producing a fatal error, and I may have to reset the software and all of the info would be lost (hope I don’t have to do that) if that dosnt work, (I can no longer manage through the backend), so I may have to wipe the server and start fresh. The EU market is still running because I did not push the update. @MasterCho

@barajabali not ur fault, if it wasn’t u it would have been someone else

Sorry for the troubles I am working vigouriously to try and find a solution

Sorry all I was trying to do was plug in that password you gave me to reset my password. I broke it

Haha I’m just joking, no harsh feelings! It’s not like u hacked the website and took it down. No need to be sorry!

Everything is fixed! @barajabali @MasterCho thanks for your patience!

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