eSk8 Market now Closed


EU eSk8 Market:

The eSk8 community now has a secure way to BUY and SELL products, yes that right, I said sell products. The eSk8 Market website that has been in development for a few months allows ANYONE to SELL, sign up, list products, and manage your very own store for free. This now gives everyone access to purchase parts securely over the internet without sending money through PayPal and hoping what you paid for arrives at your door. Have you all ways wish of starting an eSk8 business? Now is your chance! Have you all ways wished to buy parts from fellow eSk8’ers on an actual website? Now you can! I have specifically designed a website for both US and EU customers to make it easier to get parts! Please understand that the website is just now launching, so product choice will be limited until some more sellers get products listed, but I think this website has huge potential. I would like to thank @oriol360 @elkick and @Dunkirk for supporting me throughout this process and being the first to sell on the website!

US eSk8 Market:

EU eSk8 Market:

Right now we support Stripe (A secure way to use a credit card online) to process payments, and plan on adding PayPal in the very near future. I also want to be upfront about the fees, I currently charge 4% of each sale (much better than eBay’s 10%) but it is free to sign up, create your own store, and list products! Also please remember that this is a newer website and everything will not be perfect from the beginning. Also I am unable to predict how much traffic will go through the website so if it is slow please be patient if loading times are long! I plan on growing with the website, and I strive to give the customer the best experience possible! Please let me know what you think! I am excited to see the impact this has on the eSk8 community (:


Its pretty empty still but it looks like its going to be great. Really should remove the $1 test product lol!

The US site is pretty empty, but there is only one seller currently so when more get signed up it will look a lot better! Also, thanks for letting me know! I was using it to test all of the systems, and went to delete it after but forgot

Good job on the website man. It’s impressive. I’ve done some webdev stuff before and I can see that you lots of effort into it!

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Thanks! It has been a long process but very fulfilling! I just can’t wait to see the effect it has on the DIY community. We have needed this for a long time.

Can’t use image editor. Need to crop a photo lol

Oh boy. I have plans to use this big time. I have some big things in the works


What exactly do you mean?

When I try and use the image editor it brings me to the home page.

Ok I will investigate this further. The main purpose of the site is a marketplace, so maybe u could try editing the image elsewhere and importing it, but I will try to fix your problem

This is going to be awesome!!! Now if only there was a custom products page… (Wink*)

Honestly tho if you could add a custom products option, that would be perfect for me (Mobious is all about making custom boards). I’m thinking potential customers could look at products that sellers made who do custom orders, and the customer could then contact the seller through that page.

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This is awesome I can’t wait to get some good stuff on here

Sorry, changed my mind …

Nice initiative !

I don’t want to come across like a dick, but I don’t fully understand how this works… I can’t work out if this idea is pure brilliance or destined for failure!

Specifically, how does it benefit the community? because anyone can already post products for FREE online (on here, facebook, Instagram etc) and sell items using Paypal without paying an additional 4% to use your website.

What makes it secure? & why do you get 4%?

If the purchaser does a chargeback with their credit card company after they receive the product do you refund the 4% to the seller?

If the buyer returns the goods to seller for refund does seller get the 4% back?

Does the seller get any added security using this website versus selling direct using paypal?

What happens if the seller doesn’t deliver? do you refund the buyer? what measures are in place to prevent scammers taking money? are new sellers vetted?

If seller doesn’t deliver & you receive complaints from buyers? will you mediate the dispute between both parties? What authority do you have?

Will sellers will have to pay additional fees through stripe for processing the payments?


Hi @onloop,

  1. What makes the website secure & why do I get 4%: The website uses top of the line security to protect your credit card information. Why do I get 4%? Because its not free to start and run a business! (YOU KNOW THAT) I am not even forecasting that I will make my money back in 1 year, and I have to pay for hosting which is a reoccurring cost.

  2. Yes refunding the seller is simple and easy when needed

  3. Yes they get their 4% back, same as 2

  4. Does the seller get added security using the website? YES! The website allows them to set their own shipping and return policies! This prevents a world of problems!

  5. I do not refund the buyer, there are more than enough measures in place to keep scammers away. I have to approve the account wishing to sell products, and then approve each product that is listed on the website, so yes each seller is vetted, and I like to be in constant communication with them to try to prevent things from going wrong

  6. If products are not delivered (not because they are out of stock) I do not mediate the problem, I just provide a place to sell products. If anything like this ever happened I would permanently ban the seller for life, and I have complete authority

  7. Sellers pay 30cents (USD) + 2.4% to Stripe for processing payments (or equivalent in Euros)

How does this benefit the community? This allows anyone to start an eSk8 business (A dream of mine), and also sell products directly to their target audience. And not send money through PayPal, which I found a bit sketchy. This also allows people to have a ‘one stop shop’ for all of their eSk8 products.

That said, this creates more competition across existing eSk8 stores, because it gives everyone a website to sell online. So I am not sure if you are scrutinizing this because you want to make me and my website look bad to decrease future competition or because you are doing it for the good of the community (Not trying to sound rude in any way). I am glad you asked all of these questions, because now it reassures anyone selling or buying on the website.

What exactly do you mean by a custom products page? (Assuming you sell skateboards) You can all ready create a product under the ‘Decks’ page and put in customization options, allowing the customer to pick what they want. (You can do this for all products) I will consider adding a custom products page based on what you have to say and what type of products you plan to sell. Thanks (:

@link5505 I have looked into your problem but could not find anything wrong, I will continue to look for a solution and get back to you. Thanks for you patience!

can i order from us shop to eu? winning remote is cheaper and the wheel adapter only available from us?

There are different people selling different products on both websites, but yes you can order from the US website! As long as @oriol360 will ship to the EU!

it’s in my nature to be skeptical, sorry about that… its just how i approach things in life. Please don’t take my scrutinizing as negative.

also, i don’t want to discourage new business in this growing market, the more players the more the market grows, we all benefit… If i was anti-competition i would ban all other resellers from this forum, this forum has undoubtedly helped to grow my competitors business… of course, they won’t admit that publically & I am still waiting for the thanks :wink:

Like i said i can’t work out if it’s brilliant or not. But here is my advice if you are interested.

  1. Drop the 4% fee for 12 months to build your user base, without sellers you won’t have any buyers.
  2. Consider offering a place for people to sell second-hand or unwanted items with zero transaction fees.
  3. your url & logo are very similar to the ones used on this site, i suggest trying to differentiate yourself from this website as much as possible. Otherwise, people will assume its the same entity and they will be confused as they can post items for sale on here for free. This will make it difficult for your to grow your user base.

hope that helps.


My company builds longboards based on the designs that each customer wants with their order, which means every board is entirely unique. As you can see, it would be hard to have every possible option for a deck or a griptape design in one drop down menu. What I am proposing is that the custom products page would feature pictures of past work that each (custom) seller wants to show off, and if the potential customer likes what they see, then they could contact the seller to request their own custom product.