Esk8 Musical Tag

With warm weather right around the corner, I thought it’d be fun to make a new game to knit our always loving community even closer.


  1. Post a YouTube link to a song you love
  2. Tag 2 people you require to listen to it the next time they skate
  3. Tagged people tag 2 more and so on
  4. No judgment on music style

I repeat. You must first listen to it while skating if tagged

No spoilers!

I’ll kick it off weird



Song: Do Something Rhythmic

Artist: Pogo

I found it while watching this YouTube channel so enjoy the bonus video and that kids face


I got this. Going for a quick ride on my break today, got it queued up!

Ya’ll gonna love skating to this one, I know I do!! I think it will be right up your alley. @Sender @mmaner


BTW…I’ve totally watched that kids cardistry videos…he’s pretty damn good!


I thought you’d like that :wink:

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I love the music threads. Good pics so far boyz.

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I prolly wont get to skate until friday, so yall gonna be waiting a minute :slight_smile:

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I’ll be patiently waiting to hear your thoughts.

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@venom121212 thanks for the suggestion. I fell asleep while riding and died. <3

@b264 this is what rap looks like outside of ICP.

@SeanHacker hey buddy, in case you needed to hear whatever I’m usually blasting out of my crotchal region speaker again.


@venom121212 I rode, I listened, I made opinions and thoughts but then just ignored them and kept riding!

It was a fun song for a nice jaunty cruise…but when I wanted more throttle I had to find something faster!!!

@mmaner have you still not skated? Or have you just forgotten about my song?!

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No, I skates a bit yesterday and listened, I’ll post after I’ve had coffee :smiley:

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Agreed, it’s not one of my favorites on my skate playlist but I thought it was just too appropriate of a video to pass up for you :smiley:

I’ll do better next round

Check out the one I posted. It’s a fun riding song!! You just can’t help but go fast while listening to the truckfighters

This shit will make you wanna go 50km/h or more, not that you should buuuuuut

@rey8801 @Riako


Really pushing song :grin: are they a famous Asian band?

Its from a game actually. This type of music is categorized under ‘eurobeat’. Popular eurobeats are from Initial D and D8.


Yeah, I am digging this. Its like Rush and Alice and Chains had a baby, made the Foo Fighters its God Father and immediately got it drunk :).

Its on my playlist now for sure.


Does that mean it’s my turn now? Whatever, I’m gonna link some old school killers, used to skitch in Memphis back in the day while listening to this, crazy days, not sure how I’m alive :).

@Indiangummy & @janpom

Done :slight_smile:


You gotta tag 2 people!

Still haven’t heard if @Sender listened yet!

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He’s had a busy weekend, Im sure he will let you know when he has a minute.

Uhm, OK. I’d better find some headphones. BTW, you guys realize the number of songs here will grow exponentially?! :face_with_monocle: