eSk8 - My first try

Hi all

I really feel the urge to finally build myself an electric skateboard. I have already built drones – but to construct a vehicle you can actually ride is definitely new for me. So I need your help.

For a newcomer to this hobby, the marked is a bit overwhelming. I could find some components, but I am quite sure that they don’t all match together. Plus, the build like I “designed” it is still a bit too expensive for me. So please, let me know what you think and what I can improve.

The goal is to have an electric skateboard with hub motors (and replaceable wheels), capable of going at least 35 kmh (20 mah) and 30km (20m) of range. It should be able to drive uphill – let’s say 20°. This while I’m on it with my (drone-)backpack – total 90kg.

This is what I have come up by now. I don’t plan to build this – I only post this to give you an idea of my lack of knowledge in this hobby…


ESC (2x):

Battery: https:///products/electric-skateboard-battery-epower-pack-12s4p

Deck: tbd

Cover: tbd

Remote & Reciever: tbd

What components would you recommend?

Is it doable to reach my goal under 600$ ?

Flipsky is Meh at best.

Why hubs? They aren’t the best for hills if you have them fyi

$600 is a hard budget, but it’s possible if you don’t have high performance goals

@Skunk Thanks a lot for your input. I chose hubs because they are more stealth, less prone to damage and would offer the possibility to normally push your skate in case your battery dies. I know they are not best suited for hills. But I don’t want to climb mountains - just don’t want to walk If the road goes up :wink:

@anon77251592 Thanks for this information. I might consider doing my own battery. Do you mean to build your own Lipo or would you use another type of battery?

Due to Monomas input I created this same topic here: https://forum./t/first-build-all-support-is-welcome/22790

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