Esk8 parts for sale uk :) - SOLD

I have the following for sale:

1 Evolve Bamboo GT - Good Condition £700 SOLD

1 Evolve Bamboo GT without battery - £150 - SOLD

2 x Evolve GT Motor Mounts - Brand new never used £25

2 x Racerstar 200kv motors - New £45 SOLD

2 x Kevin Dark 12s4p Sony VTC6 Flexy packs with battery indicator, charge port. - Brand new never used £360 each SOLD

1 x Eboosted 12s4p enclosure - Brand new never used £80 SOLD

4 x FocBox - Brand new never used £110 each SOLD

2 x Nano Remotes - Brand new never used £45 each SOLD

1 set of Evolve Hubs - New £55

1 set of AT Tires - New £55

1 set of foam core air tires - New £55

Would be interested in a Evolve BGT battery or BMS if anyone has on for sale?

you might wanna take that picture of the payment to hummie out, it has your address in it.


:wink: cheers buddy

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Are you by any chance looking to sell the trucks from the other GT?

If not whats your asking price for the one without the battery?

Price for the battery? Thanks

price for the hummie hubs ?

Listing prices here would be a lot easier than having everyone in the forum PM you for them.


Prices Added :wink:

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Price for bamboo deck + trucks ? Might be interested by the eboosted enclosure if it has any flex

Hi Buddy, This has now been sold.need to update…

The enclosure is still for sale. it it pretty rigid but have been told very durable :slight_smile:

I would only need the enclosure if I had the bamboo deck and trucks ! Thanks anyway dude

Do you still have focboxes for sale ? I’m after 2

what are the dimensions of the enclosure ? picked a gigantic BMS not sure it fits :slight_smile:

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I’m after 1 focbox. Any left? Cheers