Esk8 parts Sale! 1x 6374 190kv motor, 2x Pulley kit with belt, 90mm wheels clones, Metr module

Hey Guys!
So i decided to part the board out instead of selling is as a complete! The parts i have for sale are the following! I will upload pictures of the parts tomorrow =)
The parts has been used on this build 20190511_204956_HDR

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Pulley kit Sold 50€
Motor eskating 6374, 190kv with 15mm, 15T Pulley.

Located in south of sweden (Helsingborg) Can ship within the EU but not not outside of EU, Price for shipping depends on where you located.

Payment options is Paypal.

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Dibs on wheels

Refly wheels? =)

Yes! Also shipping to Poland how much would that be?

I will check it for you tomorrow. Need to weigh them and calculate based on that. My guess is around 15-20€

mm okay that’s still better than evolve lol. Also maybe just dibs on TB 218 trucks I’ll sleep over it and decide in my dream if I want evolve supercarves or TB trucks lol

reserve the metr pro for me please.

Noted. =) 10char

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Any chance of you having some extra bushings? 2 to be exact. :smiley: Also, the metro pro is with the external or internal antenna?

Its the internal antenna (cheapest one) . Sure i have some bushings i can ship for free, unsure of the duro tough.

dib the trucks lol. Still interested in wheels tho if you could get me the shipping price for tmr or something like that.

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What would the shipping cost to the Netherlands be? Also can i buy these trucks without bushings?

how much were you selling the complete for? looks awesome!

if @xsynatic doesn’t take the metr I’ll take it

Hey, as a complete I’m looking to get at least 1200€ to be satisfied. :slightly_smiling_face: Hard part is shipping with battery …

For the trucks? I rather sell it with bushings and pivot cups. Trucks has been reserved by another member at the moment.

i’d like to get the METR pro module! is it still available?


do you have any more information on the deck? I am interested…

How does it look from below, where are the mount holes?

Also, are the 90mm flywheel clones still available? If yes, where did you get them from?

Interested in both of the 18T motor pulleys if Pjotr hasn’t called dibs on them yet, and 1 of the 6374 motors if that’s ok.

i’ll update you about the metr in a few hours. Sorry for the long wait.