Esk8 parts sale

Hey everyone,

Selling a few things that I’ve acquired over the past 2 months for my diy build that I ended up not using. Located in NY, all prices are without shipping.

Set of 2 Torqueboards Motor mounts. They’ve got some normal wear on them, and on of then is slightly grinded from wheel pulley misalignment in my early testing. $50 for the set

Set of 2 TB 36T kegel pulleys. One of them slightly grinded as mentioned above. $35 for the set

Boardnamics standard caliber motor mount. Missing one set screw to hold the clamp but runs fine without it. $15

Set of 2 non-working TB Vescs, fried Drv. $25 each

Lastly, got a nano remote, runs fine. $15


Some of us are on here to help the noobies from getting scammed. That really really rustles my jimmies

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pm’ed for mounts, thanks!

Will the pulley fit a 80mm orangetang Kegel and caliber trucks ?