Esk8 pet peeves?

Aloha all! Genuine questions with none of the restlessness from past posts. Inquiring minds (mostly mine) want to know, what are your eskate specific pet peeves? Not just for riding, but the whole culture to include builds, safety, electricty, advertising, forum decorum, et al.

Not a an open call to rants. Give us your burning top five. Here’s mine:

  1. Automobiles use your blinkers.
  2. Riders in cities, pretend to follow some traffic rules. Increasing likelyhood I will clothesline bird scooters riding against traffic.
  3. Advertisers, don’t claim your board is the fastest, most powerful, most best at anything. likely false, also desperate, this is why I DIY.
  4. Don’t ride like a dickhead at group rides, we get it, you are skilled AF.
  5. Builders, commercial and DIY, use metric only (this means you, America).

This sums it all up nicely. :100:



*Nominal conditions.

And shaddup Brian I can feel you squeezing to trash Apple. It’s been hours


Apple does a damn fine job of making themselves look like tools; they don’t need much help. Damn if I was on a runway though modeling the newest hipster clothes and shit, they’d be a must-have fashion accessory.


My number 1 is Vendors being more worried about other people’s products instead of focusing on their own shit.


Shits me when boards are advertised with a rider without a helmet. This makes the board an instant turn off.

Also the whole “quArtEr iNcH rIseR” bullshit like no it’s 6.35mm…

Oh and another thing… Boards advertising in general with complete rubbish and impossible specs.

i could go on for weeks


@Sender that thread went on for way too long


Evolve with its “31 mile” range. Half of that is kick-pushing and another quarter is at 20km/h (12.4mph)


‘More powerful power’ :rofl:

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I have quickly gone from no helmet ever, to helmets mostly, to helmets ‘eryday.

Although my day job is nag people to not do the fun shit in life, IDFK if someone else doesn’t wear one.

I know folks have passed on this forum. Wear one bc science, or don’t. I’m not your mom or doctor, we all gonna die.


Thoughts on peeps that put thier sweaty hands all over electrical bits.

Do we have any records of significant injuries due to touching things you shouldn’t?

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Mine is that I don’t like DIY vendors that think their product is without fault and charge premium for not perfect item. Oh and peeps who sell used parts for 99% of new price. If it’s used, it’s automatically 50% IMO Ps: not bashing anyone, just letting off some steam


Not until 100V ESCs come out and people start running 18S batteries. Batteries where if you shock yourself you can very, very easily die…


When I put together a new or revamped build and something breaks 10 miles from my house on my first test ride and I have to kick the rest of the way home.

I don’t bring tools, I am not a smart man.


Some things will never change

Was taught in imperial and trying to learn metric just for the sake of it

But metric is hard…

“Here’s a list of the cheapest parts I could find, can you tell me if this will work and get me 30 miles of range up any hill?”

"Here’s what I want, can you guys give me a parts list to make it happen under $300?

I’m sure I have a top five but this is what comes to mind. As far as most stuff having to do with vendors and customers in disagreement, I tend to think of it as a job and then it’s less of an annoyance.


Haha the battery would be around 600$

And “is there anyway I can use Laptop cells I can get them for free and there 18650”

  • People who REALLY likes to carve in GROUP rides. It’s so hard to ride with people who does this excessively. Almost got hit a few times.It’s a group ride keep an open lane for other people.

  • Vendors/builders who bash on other vendors is slightly annoying since I see this forum as a group effort to improve our hobby. I’ve been guilty of this, but then again he swears his Koowheel with a paint job is the best thing since sliced bread.

  • Esk8ers who bash on helmet wearing on FB, Reddit, etc. I get it, you don’t want to wear a helmet, that’s fine, but let’s promote safety rather than risky behavior. Less deaths and injuries might help to keep the law on our side. This should be a “do as I say not as I do” kinda thing.

  • WTF is kilo meter is that a gauge of kills in a game? :grin:


1 Helmets are big for me. Like it’s your choice and all but when I see youtubers (who people are as role models) running around at full speed with no helmet. To me that’s encouraging risky behavior. 2 I want board manufacturers to advertise watt hours kv gearing ratio voltage battery chemistry stator size etc (in addition to the meaningless top speed and range estimates they provide for other customers who don’t know or care what those other number are/ mean. 3 I wish the US would stop using metric like I’ve been raised using imperial and that’s what’s natural to me but why do we use it? It’s so dumb is over complicated and makes no sense to keep using a measurement system no other country uses.


I feel you, but being stupid American educated. I got used to the system. My office is exactly 10 miles from work, I know where the 5 mile mark is on my ride. Now imagine calling that 8.05km and 16.09km…that also seems weird. So in some ways the frustration goes both ways.

I’m fine with imperial when it’s stuff like distance (miles) and height (feet & inch) but for tools it’s so stupid. why the hell are we using damn fractions ?!?!?!

I can’t “see” how big that is…visually, take an inch, divided that into 64 parts, then take 9 of them, WTF!!!