ESK8 Range and Speed Calculator App now in the Google Play Store

Hi! I just lanched a new app on the play store. The goal is to help esk8 builders to easily calculate the range and speed of their eboard. It is still under development, but I hope that it can help someone with building their eboard.


New App now on the App Store as well!!


Unfortunately this app isn’t accurate at all. Maybe you should try and redo the formulas?

Hi, I’m always up for improving stuff! What are the numbers you get in real world usage?

Hey! I just saw the second picture is Wh/mile so I will need to test that again, but for the first picture, the top speed would be 50kph+. On other calculators, they do show that for me.

This is a really basic app and it covers only a subset of what does for free, so I think you shouldn’t charge anything for the app. Especially if it isn’t correct, that is the least a buyer could expect when there are free alternatives that indeed work correctly.