Esk8 riders Leaderboard



i’m creating a leaderboard to compete individually or as a team-country. any electric skateboard is welcome, doesn’t matter if you ride a DIY or evolve, boosted, metroboard, whatever…

website (alpha version, it can be very buggy)

how does it work?

where does the data come from

i recommend you to use strava if do you want to keep your privacy and don’t show all your activities as public.

(maybe in a future i will add more plataforms, but is not easy to get the raw data of the activities)


Long story

i got this great idea from a facebook group Evolve Skateboard Owners, Max Chin publishes every week a screenshot of a leaderboard using the app sports tracker, something like this

i tried to implement the same idea with some friends in Spain, but it sucks… the feature of leaderboard only is visible on the iphone version of sports tracker app. (android FTW)

and if you want to check the leaderboard you have two options: 1- wait to see an screenshot from the leaderboard admin 2- each user has to follow or add as a contact everyone in the list to be able to see the same leaderboard members.

so i’m working on an idea like this but with more features because they only can compete by “ridden time”

compete by distance ridden

compete by top speed reached

compete by total ridden time

compete by ridden distance, top speed reached and ridden time as a team-country

do you want to join us?

check the instructions below

very important, you need to complete your sports tracker profile with username, country, location or esk8race won’t read your profile and check your spam inbox to click the validation email.

future crazy ideas

  • get the data from other plataforms.

  • check leaderboards from previous months.

  • create your own group to compete with the group members or as a team with other groups.

  • compete by city not just by country.

  • create events and check events near you.

any feedback it will be apreciated, if you have a problem send me a private message

do you have an DIY electric skateboard?

please check my another website and add your own :slight_smile:


Would be nice if I could just have an account on the leaderboard and submit data logged from the metr module (could maybe have filters or icons to indicate user submitted vs app pulled data).

in that page the window.groute has all the data I imagine @rpasichnyk might have a query param or some way we can get the JSON data out directly from the upload too.

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i would like to gather the data automatically, i talked with @rpasichnyk to do it but for now its not possible because doesn’t have user accounts.

Just looked at that vesc app on the play store,do you just need a bluetooth module for the vesc?

Yes, you need to buy the bluetooth transmitter

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thread over here where he explains the module too beyond what’s on the site

really if you follow the setup on the site though shouldn’t have a problem.

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There’s a bug somewhere. I got it up to 26.7 mph according to the sporting app but your website says I only got 8 mph… other than that this website is top notch. I like that I don’t need a VESC to log the data.


That’s a good idea, well done ! Now I just need to register, start my motorbike, start the app and I should easily get the first place for speed :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you very much for trying it and reporting the bug

hahahaha… banned! :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the results, but its way too easy to hack.

thanks for your comment, yes, it’s easy to hack i will implement measures to prevent that, but right now there is no many users, also i can ban users for a month if it’s necessary

now you can register with an endomondo app account too

top speed fixed! thanks

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now you can register with a strava app account too

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someone tried to hack the leaderboard results, i put some limits of speed, distance, duration…

if you like the idea, please spread the word to support this. thank your very much

Mine won’t upload. I got numerous rides at 38-39mph. Just hit a PR with 18t pulleys instead of 16t. 42.9 mph on the flats boys.

fixed! thanks for trying it, this is compatible with your strava group :slight_smile:

someone asked me for a comments section (im using facebook for this, its so easy to implement it)

general chat

chat for each country in the leaderboard

in the countries leaderboard i try to detect your country by ip and remark yours in the list