ESK8 Safety 2018: Enclosures

Safety is a topic that should always be re-posted from time to time as the industry progress. The last thing we want to do is keep moving forward while leaving safety behind…

We’ve recently talked about Helmet and Gear safety with what happened in recent events (RIP man)

Let’s talk about Enclosure Saftey measures.

  1. In terms of materials, what is the best materials for enclosures to made out of pre-cost wise and after-cost?

  2. Should we still use Neoprene Foam, even when findings (thanks to @Eboosted ) shows that it’s flammable? Yes, you have bigger things to worry about if the foam is somehow catching on fire, but what alternative cuttable foams are there that do what neoprene does, while at the same time have fire-retard properties?

  3. What measures do you take to tackle in the event of a fire? What components should absolutely be wrapped that can help make ESK8ing safe?


ABS and Kydex are both excellent enclosure materials. Kydex is a little tougher and more expensive, but both make great enclosures and are available in sheets ready to be vacuum formed.

The best fire safety is prevention. Use LOTS of insulation, good quality BMS, don’t cheap out on stuff. Triple check all your parts and test them individually if possible, and also test the whole system before you button it up and go for a ride.

Don’t charge your batteries unattended, and keep anything with large battery packs away from flammable items, especially when charging.

Your life is not worth a few hundred dollars worth of esk8 parts. If you have a fire, kick it away from anything flammable and then LEAVE IT THE HELL ALONE and let it burn itself out. Unless you have a class D fire extinguisher, you’ll just make it angrier.


Nice, one thing about ABS is that it’s flammable. Strong, but dangerous if push comes to shove.

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I think almost everything can burn that’s why I don’t worry too much about neoprene foam, normally it’s safe up to 100 degrees, a BMS should shut off before reaching this temperature. If ABS burns it’s anyway too late. IMO more important is a proper build with no strain and pressure on the cables, good/safe connections and fixed components against movement.

The best enclosure in my eyes should be strong enough to withstand impacts no matter which material it is made of. I wouldn’t feel safe with thin “dust covers”.

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if push comes to shove.

No pun intended

Epoxy glass fiber is not flammable strong, easy to make, not the best looking tho

It’s easy to make ugly glass fiber. It’s a lot harder to make it pretty. Same with CF.

@Jc06505n Since most of our builds are attached to a large, flammable chunk of WOOD, I’m not super concerned with the flammability of the enclosure and gasket material.