Esk8 shop in London robbed and cleared out threatening closure

Wickboards in London UK was robbed this morning , all stock cleared out and now threatening their remaining as a business , This shop is THE best esk8 shop in London (it is also the only one ) this comes shortly after they hosted possibly the best group ride this year . If anyone can share the attached photos or knows of any information please share it image image


this is such bad news for Wick and the whole London/UK esk8 community :frowning:

I have so much respect for the guys at Wick and what they have done, I feel sick hearing this news

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the little knuckle draggers will probably get away with a slap on the wrist too. ffs

yup, but tbh its unlikely they will be caught.

I fully expect the police to leap into inaction, the few officers available will be too busy handing out penalty notices to raise revenue. not much profit in solving robberies.

the rest of the force in hackney are dealing with acid attacks, stabbings and shootings


dont business have insurance for stuff like this?

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