Esk8 storage tips - What do you do?

Winter is coming in Northern Hemisphere and Spring is in the South…

Do you guys have storage tips for your Esk8?

How do you maintain or store your Esk8 if you put it away for the winter season or for extended periods of time?

Based on your battery chemistry, what do you do to ensure a working board when the time is right?

I basically do the same as with non-esk8 boards, plus the battery storage charge.

Clean and check everything up thoroughly, don’t want to deal with that shit when I take the board out again finally :slight_smile:

  • grip tape
  • wheels
  • underside
  • bearings
  • bushings
  • insides

Then do a discharge/charge of the batteries to storage charge using decent balance charger (around 3.75V per cell/parallel group).

That’s pretty much it.


Here in the UK I actually use it all year round! But if I were to store it, say if I went on holiday for two or more weeks, I’d discharge to around 60% and give it a good clean up! :smiley:

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Ok…where in the house do you keep it if you are away? Is there a specific place you have it just in case there is an issue with batteries? Or is that not a concern?

It’s not really a concern. I keep it where I keep it all the time and that’s in my office at home… (software dev working from home 4 days per week).

You guys can give to me all your boards this winter and buy new ones next spring. Yes… I know… I am too kind to be true but that’s how I am. :joy:


Which one?

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Mwahaha you kinda destroyed my joke…

Lol I suck

I have a big bunch of bags for small battery packs and lipo.

I have fire blankets for those that are not so easy to store So I put the fireproof bags inside the oven and the big stuff wrapped with blankets inside the tube if I have to go away. I left home for months without a single worry about the batteries. Of course they must be discharged to storage levels 3.7v as silentexception said. If I stay at home I just discharge them. I try to use my stuff all year. So no further actions needed.

Man lipos are no joke. And your pics may look over top to some noobs, but it shows how you respect the power of the batteries

Most foolproof way is to never store the board! Use it all year!


Yes I do.
Fear? Never Respect? Always. Batteries are like a chainsaw. You can use them everyday of your life without a single issue if you treat them with proper care or lose a leg on the first day if you are careless.

Never run out of battery storage with this thing If you have a 30" or less deck you could stick the whole thing there :yum:


If I saw that in your garage…I’d leave 10 feet between me and that lol just in case