ESK8 - Tuning and Ackmaniacs firmware and tool

First lets start with WOW!!! Why do I say this… well let me explain,

I built a dual drive 6374 190Kv - with hall sensors, 15mm belt drive 15T - 72T, dual Focbox, 10S5P Battery, 8" all terrain wheels with MBS Rock-star Hubs, wide mountain trucks, nano-X remote. It all worked out great on paper and the build when together as expected with a few struggles. I thought the mechanical was going to be the tricky par as it is what most posting talk however even the best components assembled mechanically that are not properly tuned in software as a system. Will work like a POS::poop:.

I got all the mechanical and wiring completed I thought all I need to do was a quick setup of the vesc and be ready to roll. Yes I was ready to roll…all over the pavement. The board handled so poorly I thought it was demon possessed. Here are a few highlights:

  1. Pull trigger and it just sits still…give it a nudge and it is full on acceleration
  2. Riding at moderate speed give it a little brake and the wheels lock up
  3. Give a little acceleration and throws you entirely out of position or on the road
  4. Board sounded noisy
  5. Remote was like OFF / ON Switch no in between

Solution - Ackmaniacs tool / firmware / and wizards

On the first tune really did not know what I was doing however it did make the board remarkably better and ride-able. Went back and worked on current with breaking settings, Motor and Input fine tuning and things smoothed.

The board feels great however I think there is much more to learn and squeeze out of the performance with such a great tool. I highly recommend using the latest at:

Proper tuning can make all the difference…Thanks Ackmaniac,



Shout out to mmaner he suggested -20 on motor current for dual setups with 6374…I will say it is a life saver versus the default of -60

If people are interested I will post my settings in screen shots and would welcome additional input on making it better

I’ve had all this done for me already as I bought my board second hand , I’m pretty clueless about fine tuning it though , and even more reluctant to fiddle with it after reading this ,

I would suggest if things are running good and you are not comfortable to stay wit what you have…


Maybe there should be a thread of posts of settings and what type of motors and gearing and batteries.

I agree settings need to be different for dual vs single especially for braking performance.

Yeah basically it’s only the battery because you cut it in half for duals.

Yes I’m not gonna fiddle with it until I need to do so but will learn how to use the tool and follow how you guys set up your boards

I’m sure to reach out to you when I get to the tuning stage. Thanks much for sharing. :facepunch:t4: