Esk8 uphill test on Jay Boston Youtube channel

guys I just found these esk8 uphill testing videos on a youtube channel Jay boston (just discovered today) and thought I should share them here.

it’s not really about building esk8 but these two video did gave esk8 newbies (like me :slight_smile: )some interesting insight about those commercial boards out there.

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screenshot of the test data :face_with_monocle: bajaboards slay~~ image

Bajaboards are just beasts, not really boards at all. The G4X went up a hill you couldn’t even walk up.

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The rest of them get a “participation” award, LOL

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looks like it :laughing:but can also add Raptor 2 as the runner-up

i wouldn’t say no to that

Please don’t categorize Trampa as Trampa, in general, it’s so wrong… My Trampa for e.g. is 10kW board and that hill is like flat road :slight_smile:


Did you use the stock settings on the raptor?

Can’t help but think I’ve give Trampas a bad name everywhere :joy:. That was my board. It is a valid point though, one that doesn’t necessarily matter in the quest for more views :wink:

Let’s just say it wasn’t the most scientific test. Imagine riding a board like a Trampa up that when you’d never even seen one before. The raptor got 3 attempts, and it was the test riders board. Trampa only got one and based on what the test rider said on the way down didn’t do it justice. Lots of wheel spin, pausing, then back on the throttle. Nasty conditions to be doing on urethane.

When someone will try to sell trampa board to someone or etc and they will see this video and will be like but trampa is shit…

have no idea, see if they mentioned that in the video

Oh sorry, thought the videos are yours.

I wish they are tho :wink:

I would love to see some good testing of similarly spec’ed trampa vs bajaboard :slight_smile:

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Lmao the Evolve drama, typical

Since when an uphill contest without an Acton Qu4tro is a fair contest? C’mon Jay, you are cracking now? …but then, thats Australia (with cockatoos and all). ‘Cracking’ Evolves, Raptors, etc… why don’t you crack a Wombat for a change? :roll_eyes:

You can’t crack a wombat. Don’t you know anything? wombat will fxxk you up!


…that Wombat fked that guy up…je…je…:rofl: