Esk8 w/o any external chargers?

Has anyone made their BMS/charger with the AC outlet plug as part of the board? I’m thinking it would be easier if the AC/DC converter was inside the enclosure then the only things going in or out of the enclosure would be a 3 prong outlet on a short cable (clip it down the length of the board), the antispark power switch button, and the phase/sensor wires to the motor. You could charge on the go and it would be really easy to waterproof since the 3 prong plugs have no voltage across them when they are unplugged from a power source so the prongs can be exposed and the other end is just a single thick round wire…then again this could be a terrible idea and set everything on fire…I don’t know. Thoughts/stories/opinions?

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I don’t think that is any more convenient that a regular charger

Probably should have mentioned, I was thinking of doing this for an electric nickle board for school, so something like a 6s 2000mah battery so it would be significantly light but you charge it in class

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Wouldn’t adding an internal adapter just add unnecessary weight?

Dunno…I don’t have a charger or the adapter yet

All I know is batteries are heavy AF and charging circuits can’t be significantly heavier

Yes they can. With a 6s battery it is pretty big, why don’t you just use a bms?

A BMS still needs a DC power supply right?

It’s a trade-off, off the same reason laptops have external power supplies: weight and space. And sometimes heat. By locating the power supply externally you leave more room for everything else (most esk8 charging solutions aren’t small), and the heat generated by the charger isn’t communicated to the board internals. I’d just use a waterproof DC plug on the board, (there are lots to choose from, e.g. SD13) and carry a charger with you. If you’re going long distances with your board you’ll probably have a bag or backpack for other stuff, so just chuck it in there.

Tldr, it’s feasible but I don’t know why you’d want to.

Also 6s 2000mah being heavy lol try 10s 10ah. Or 20s 20Ah.

How about a solar panel deck, just chain it to a bike rack in direct sun and soak up the power :laughing:

I’m looking at a 12s2p 10ah…my spine hurts at the idea. I’ve got a limited elastic carry strap so I wear it like a backpack…makes it feel half the weight, but I can’t run

Yeah, you’ll be constrained for space. Just treat it like a laptop and carry an external brick. You’ll also not have to deal with mains voltage inside your board.

So overall a generally poor idea? Thanks for your input guys, this is much easier than finding out the hard way!

It’s doable, and if you had a real need to do it, it’s not too hard to do. But if it’s just for “convenience” I think it’d be a pain. On both of my builds I ended up nearly running out of space and had to get creative fitting things in, and that was on a long board with no charger in it. If you’re trying to fit a 12s20ah battery on a nickel board, that’s a challenge in and of itself.

Oh absolutely not, the big battery is for a 40" board…I was thinking 6s 2ah lipo for the nickel board

You know that’s gonna give you like 3 miles of range, right?

There is no need to go more than 3 miles on a college campus in under 2 hours…basically I ride to class and stick it to the wall, probably hidden in my backpack, then ride it to the next class with a full battery again

Fair enough. Seems more doable with those constraints, especially if you use a small (2-3A brick-style charger. I’d use a waterproof connector like SD-13, and have a detachable AC cord that plugs into that, rather than having something potentially floppy permanently attached to the board.

It’s not unnecessary if you can charge it when you get to where you’re going