ESK8 Wheels 90mm and 83mm 78a black, red and orange

We have now Wheels in Shop in 90mm and 83mm 78a One Set 83mm for 39.-€!/ESK8-Black-Wheels-83mm-78A-4-Stück/p/62013077/category=19261571 One set 90mm for 45.-€!/ESK8-Wheels-90mm-78A-4-Stück-schwarz-orange-und-rot/p/62013108/category=19261571 The pics from the orange wheel was a little bit too bright.

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i’m guessing these is the same 90mm that are on ebay for $17 ?

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Are the wheels also with branding ? ?

Yes i have see the wheels for 17.99$ and i have see the shipping cost too for 59$ In USA you became the Abec 11 Fly Wheels for 60$ In EU cost the same wheel 85€ Thats the different.

Yeah, you got my hopes up on getting some yellow wheels in EU :slight_smile: Darn!

Branding is usually free from the factories ( Maytech even does it for their motors). It means nothing and in the US the 17.99 wheels + shipping is $26. Not sure where you got your dollar amount from.

I think the $59 was calculated by Ebay for the shipping, because i looking with a German account.