ESK8RACE.COM. Show your stats and even compete against other riders!

Website is here:

Works with these tracking apps:

For more info and registration process for the account, see this:

Refer to original topic and creator @tueboard, if u got any more questions or something is unclear!

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Top 5 riders, in terms of distance June 2018:

@tueboard I just registered, and then realized that it tracks only Ebike rides which all my rides were tracked as Bicycle so I changed few so if you could rerun import on my profile would be cool :smiley:

Bump… new users welcome

Oh that’s cool. Gotta get in on that.

Loving this site for logging. Makes me want to ride longer and faster. Although my mountainboard is not set for speed so going to try being one of those growdups and restrain myself, we’ll see how that goes. Props for the site though :+1:t2: