Eskate companies using vescs

Maybe everyone already knows the answers, but I’m curious out of the prominent industry leaders who’s using what? (i.e. boosted, evolve, stary, backfire, inboard, blink…)

Everyone is using their own custom PCB design. None of the major ESkate companies are using elements of the VESC design except for Enertion.

You can’t use the V word bro

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That’s not entirely true.

Word on the street is that Pulse Boards, lhb,, enertion, Arcboards, Trampa, Ollin, and Jed Boards use them now and there are rumours Metroboard will be on their new models.

I should have actually specified more clearly it was for companies raking in large profits such as Boosted, Metroboard, and Evolve Skateboards. Enertion somewhat fits into the category I’m talking about, but I’m not sure where…

Most of what you listed are, except for Jed Boards that is using a derivative of it. I don’t know exactly how it differs, but it’s definitely not a VESC in the traditional sense.

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