Eskateboard dies after 1/2 use


I tried searching around and couldn’t find much of a resolution for a fix.

My eskate dies at exactly half the mileage I used to get and won’t turn back on. Only way it’ll turn back on is by plugging it back into the charger. It recharges back up in half the time. I thought initially it was a faulty connection and solder job.

Ive disassembled the battery entirely (29.4v 7s2p) and tested it at the BMS terminal without recharging it.

It read 3.7

6.85. =3.15. <—- unbalanced cell

10.55 = 3.7

14.25 = 3.7

17.95 = 3.7

21.7 = 3.7

25.4 = 3.7

At full charge all batteries show 4.05

So from what I read so far an unbalanced cell will cause the BMS to shut down the board entirely.

I dont think it’s the connections since it added up at the BMS terminal

Any ideas on how I shoukd proceed

I usually use an active bms balancer to balance charge it. You can also charge it with a lithium battery charger at 500mA. But the best way is to make sure those are not defective. If they are, you may need to replace the battery.