Eskating Dual BEAST 7020watts 12S5P 30Q (square battery)!

Hello Guys!

Because I want a smaller, lighter board I want to sell my 1 MONTH OLD Monster Street E-Board!

Technical specifications:

-12s5p Samsung 30q battery with 15 Ah and 645Wh (/)

-2x Enertion Focboxing (/)

-1x Eskating Dual Drive Kit 7020 Watts (/)

-1x Remote ()

-Because you have a huge range of 50-60Km (depending on the weight of the driver) with the battery, I only fully charged it 3 times!

-I have the deck that you can see in the pictures, built myself and the cables that go from the focboxes to the battery, I’ve moved under the grip tape into the board!

-New price was ~ 1700 € without deck cost (glue, birch plywood ect.)!

-Sale price 1499 € !!!

-The price can be trade down!

Parts can also be bought without a deck!

  • Invoices of the various parts are available and can be sent or given!

For questions, just let me know20180903_110954%5B1%5D 20180903_111046%5B1%5D 20180903_111019%5B1%5D 20180903_111015%5B1%5D

What remote is that?

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Alien power systems I believe.

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Why the casing on top ??

I wanted to build a board with flex, but unfortunately nothing came of that! I dismounted the board now! But the parts can be bought individually! greetings


still have this battery? :slight_smile: