6374 motor mount?

Just got my new motor, and noticed the shaft is really short so none of my current mounts will work since it makes the pulley go over the shaft (Leaves a 1mm hole or larger)

I’m on a bit of a budget so I need a semi cheap one, and maybe also a new pulley for it.

I was thinking about getting what they offer but seems a bit too expensive for me for the time being. (Would end up at 120 - 130 or so)

Post a pic of your current mount with pulley. A few mm is not a problem :wink:

collections/motor-pulleys/products/14t-htd5-motor-pulley-12mm Looks pretty much just like this, mine is 13t not 14 though thats the only difference.

The entire overhang part is over the shaft.

again, pls post a pic of your specific setup to check if it´s enough or not :wink:

Jesus christ :smiley: i still can´t see your mount. Please provide a few pics so i can help you :smiley:

I dont have my mount on me, its out getting ready for clear paint.

its a torqueboard motor mount, its thick asf.

When i put my motor on it i can push my pulley down to the lenght you can see on the picture, and its not enough i cant screw it in.

I just need a new pulley and motor mount.

TB Motor Old one where the shaft was just long enough.

The other one is the new one, as you can see the shaft is a lot shorter so i cant install it with my motor and pulley.

hmm ok… how about flipping your pulley? So that the small part sinks into your motor mount? If it doesn´t fit, you can file out a bit material to make it fit. Other than that

The holes for the scres are in the overhang part.

The pulley is longer then the shaft.

you don´t need the screws for the pulley, use loctite 648 for example. Or get a smaller pulley?

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I had the same Problem.

If you don’t want to glue things I would recommend a Spann(zug)hülse (clamping sleeve?). You would need to find a possibility to widen the inner diameter of your pulley to 14mm.

This one has an inner diameter of 8mm and outer is 14mm.

Got it here:

Just use the set screws in the middle of the pulley

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