[Espruino Remote] DIY Esk8 Remote




Tech Specs: Espruino MDBT42Q soc, 18650 battery, USB type C, Adafruit lion charge module, 32x128px I2C oled screen, T.I. DRV5055 hall effect sensor, Push button power switch (to be replaced), Programmable button, 3D printed shell

This project has been a long time coming for me. I always felt that the DIY esk8 remote scene was lacking. I built a Sparkle remote, I built a FireFly, I modded a nanoX remote but still it was not ideal. The newest Feather remote is promising but still has room for improvement I think.

DIY esk8 has become something different. We are power users, enthusiasts, people that want to go faster and farther. Why shouldn’t our boards and remotes have it all? A big battery, intelligent information displays, and the most up-to-date connectors (usb c).

With that in mind, I set out to build this remote. It features an ARM soc, an 18650 battery, and USB type C. I took my first test ride today so I can final say it works.

I am hoping to refine it and create a platform to build different styles of remote. Ones with triggers, ones with bigger screens, etc.

When I have thoroughly tested the remote, i will release all the information necessary to build your own.

Questions and comments are always welcome. Cheers Esk8ers


One question

Are you gonna sell these? :rofl:


Here are a few more angles



The programmable button 15505532320148034362193903707201

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I will release all the build notes and maybe open up my paypal for donations.

Eventually, i want to create a custom pcb for the internal componets and then sell that as either a complete remote or a diy kit.

I’m still far from that at the moment


looks good man! Im looking for a remote with an ch2 button to run a horn haha.

i have a nano x, which i love, but i will never understand why they put a button that doesn’t do anything on it.

@AntiumOne are you selling because i would love to buy!

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