[EU] 100 euro+ship. MBS Matrix Trucks with hubs and tyres -

Hi, 2pcs Mbs Matrix Trucks (12mm axles) with hubs and tyres as in photo (ONLY THE TRUCKS). Parts list:

2pcs MBS Matrix Truck

4pcs Scrub hubs ( @Idea can provide pulley https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/motormounts-kits-for-trampa-e-mtb/15502/264)

4pcs MBS 8" Primo Alpha Tyre

Price 100euro+shipment.

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12mm shafts? And can put on metal base plates?

Sorry, the metal base plate is compatible only with the new Matrix II truck.

Price drop 110 euro , very good condition…

would this fit on those trucks?

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Its a pain in the arse but they do😊


What did you do

Still available …

Well the kingpin on the old trucks is supposed to be 10mm so…

I got Trampa 8mm kingpins and trampa 1mm bushings for the inner position between the hanger/truck and then reversed the mbs bushings so it acts as the washer.

you can use the 10mm kingpin but then you have to drill the MBS bushing as those are 8mm ID

Im getting 10mm OD 1mm wall steel tubes to solve the bushing/kingpin issue as then i can just use the mbs bushings in the correct position use the correct 22mm washers and gain a couple millimetre of kingpin thread.

As said its a pain in the arse. :face_with_head_bandage: but it works and feels better than the plastic top trucks in terms of confidence while riding.


The diameter of axle is 12mm.

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Price drop 100 euro + ship.

Sold …10char.