EU 12mm 14/15t Pulley?

Pulling my hair out. I have a 12mm wide set up from the GB and would like to gear it down a little.

I cant find a 12mm pulley with 14 or 15t count anywhere. Belting Online have the belts but 12mm is not one of their standard pulley widths?

Help would be appreciated!

Still no luck mate? Could always go for a 15mm pulley from belting online, it’d still work!

No - nothing. Problem is that I am welding the mount. once it is mounted I wont be able to easily adjust that range so I was hoping to start with the right width pulley. Will see if they know of anywhere I can get them.

Failing that I might just ditch the pulley from the GB and go 15mm and eventually get a 15mm wheel pulley to match and upgrade the belts then.

A 15mm pulley will always work with a 12mm belt - I don’t get the problem here. And protoboards sells 12mm pulleys

Just looking for one that would fit the belts I have and I am working with a small tolerance at this belt length where I think the extra 3mm might mean that the edge of the wheel pulley may catch the outer edge of the wheel. Need to have a mock up of this.

what does belt length have to do with the width? Please post a drawing - I can’t picture what you mean It is 15t 12mm. Hope this helps :smile:

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