[EU] 12s BMS Bestech HCX-D223V1

Hi all!

I’m about to order a Bestech HCX-D223V1 12s BMS for my new build and since they require a minimum order quantity of 2, I would like to gauge the interest for the second one here. The price would be around 70 Euros + shipping within EU (from Germany).



They are closed till 1st

You can join my group buy and just get one for 67$

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When is that happening?

Oh, I did not know. Lucy did not mention anything.

Your group buy opportunity sounds good! Are you shipping from EU (I’m asking because of import taxes)?

yes 10 char

How do I sign up?

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Whoops, could have found that myself. Sorry!

taking payments around 1st and ordering as soon as everyone pays


Is Bestech closed till the 1st of May or March?

1st of March.

@Acido In the group buy link, it says 1st of May. That seemed off to me. That’s why I asked.

I think it said May in the Google doc as well, but that has been corrected. Thou as you point out the post still says May.

@rickyd Do you know that BMS in your link is for LiFePO4 and not Li-ion?

Thanks, I did not notice! However when you order, they’ll ask you which variant you want.

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