[EU] 2 VESC Enertion 4.12, Anti-Spark, Adapter cable SOLD!

Hi there !. I am selling two Enertion 4.12 Vesc’s. Have only been used shortly and in BLDC. Work flawlessly. Can include 3.5mm bullet connectors for free. Servo cable and PPM splitter included for free aswell. Selling for 90€.

20190514_100714 20190514_100727

Also selling this Esk8.de Antispark as i won`t need it any longer because i got a Unity. 25€.

20190514_100620 20190514_100627

Also this Adapter, will include for free with the Vescs or the Switch if you want them. 20190514_100650

Free express shipping inside EU for everything. If any additional costs may occur we can figure it out.

Cheers ! Cheers.

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yes, but i would not like to go much lower than that. Shoot me a PM and we`ll figure it out.

Are the VESC’s still available?

Title says sold…

@mmaner close

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