[EU] 2x NEW FOCBOX, Nano X, 2x Kegel wheelpulleys, 3x 3P NESE modules

Just got these 2 weeks ago. They are new only the boxes are missing since I bought them from @pjotr47 and shipping to me without the boxes was easier. Ofcourse we got hit by customs so I paid a total of 212 for these 2.

SOLD FOCBOX: Looking for €180 + shipping OR €90 + shipping each

  • brandnew

SOLD Nano X: €30 + shippng

  • brandnew

idea kegel wheel pulleys: €25 + shipping

  • brandnew
  • 2x (for kegel, 36 tooth, 12mm wide, with bolts, 3D printed in black)

NESE modules (3P): add for €5 each onto other orders. Shippin by themselves would be too expensive

  • brandnew, just used to check dimensions on a deck

If you buy multiple items ofcourse there’s only 1 times shippingcost to be paid.

I ship the same day or if it’s in the evening the next day. (I’m quite new here but just for your peace of mind, you can find me on reddit with the same name where I have 27 confirmed trades on r/mechmarket)

image image


what size bullet connectors are on the phasewires?

3,5mm 10char

Is the Nano-X still available, and would it be too much trouble to ship it to the US?

Yes it is but it wouldn’t be worth it for you considering shipping would be around €24.

Still got the escs?

I’m interested in the Nano x to the UK, cost?

sorry, currently awaiting payment for it

yes still have them. Somebody had them reserved for the past 2 weeks but he’s not sure if he still wants to go through I think. He will let me know today or tomorrow. If he decides not to I’ll come back to you.

No worries, shout me if it falls through :slight_smile:

Cool thanks :slight_smile: let me know - pmd

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Just got word from the potential buyer, he’s dropping out so if you want them they are up for grabs

If you still have the foxboxes next Friday I’ll take em, in Ireland

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Actually looks like they won’t quite be right for my application :frowning: looks like @banjaxxed is interested too though?

Thanks anyway sure they’ll sell quick :slight_smile:

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Yeah sure, no problem man

Sold? 10char

Not yet, @banjaxxed said if I still had them by tomorrow he might want them but until then they are still available.

Here hit me up with a PayPal