[EU] Almost Brand new SPECTRA Mini plus (Posture Control System)

Hey :smiley: I’m selling my SPECTRA Mini Plus skateboard, I received it for free, used it twice, unlike what you can read on the internet I can make it work without the remote control (with the posture control system), but the problem is that the board is way, WAY too small for me, I am used to 1.5 meter boards so I can’t find my balance and I keep falling, I give up: lol:

New price 285€, sold 200€ I don’t have the free bag that you can see on the website.

I will add pictures later


I live in France, but depending on where you live the shipping can actually be quite cheap in EU (with mondial relay for exemple).

This might not be the best place to sell something like this

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Where should I sell it ?

EBay, Facebook or Reddit.

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I will do that too but maybe I’ll be lucky here :yum:

You never know!

I don’t really know if “upping” a post is allowed here, sorry if it’s not

It’s generally accepted fine as long as it’s not 3 times a day :smiley:


@guigui The last week I received the skate, thank you!!! 47%20AM 47%20AM%20(1)

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