[EU] Article 13 got adopted

Folks I suppose this news got quite discrete lately due to many other events related by medias.

So I wanted to post a about the new reform of RGPD and why it should matter at least to Europeans that you know about it. Steady your belts !

Here’s a good link from Wired, it explains nicely the text.

In summary why should you be worried about this text ?

  • It allows GAFA to filter your uploads via algorithms and in the event they consider that it infringes any copyright (which might not be the case at all), your content may not be published
  • Allowing private entities to control and censor your publications before they even reach the public raises the risk of deviations such as opinion censorship

I mean : it is definitely important to protect any individual’s work and to preserve basic rights such as free expression.

I don’t wanna live in Black Mirror IRL and am pretty annoyed by this text.

Please share your opinions on the topic guys !


Don’t get me started.

I absolutely hate european directives.

Due to my occupation I work a lot with some of them and have come to absolutely hate them.

The reason is that most of them are so general and open to interpretation that they are absolutely useless.

eg Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU, 96 pages of useless blabber that requires 241 pages of guidelines with interpretations.

Just make a freaking european standard that is mandatory and clearly written FFS.


It’s not about politics, it’s about information. And why should a community not discuss this kind of topics ?

I’m not trying to stir a conflict man.


Most importantly it is a FORUM, and event if it may sound off topic to you it is not for other people. If you don’t like a thread… just don’t read it, AND if you really think that is off topic and don’t deserve a place on this forum, flag it and let the mod be the judge, that why they are here for.


That article affects forums. Of course It does. Many of the memes posted so far will have to be deleted. Every single copyrighted photo will be forbidden to be used for memes. Our riding videos can’t have music nor copyrighted pics. Youtube will not pay for any claim at all. They said probably 90% of the channels will be suspended. And many of the videos of the survivors will be removed. It’s not just eu. It’s worldwide. Anything banned in eu will be deleted worldwide.

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You’re right. I still think a (mostly U.S.) forum about electric longboards is a weird place for a post about european laws. But yeah, people have the freedom to post what they want i guess. that is until this stupid new law forbids us to do so

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I would look from an other side to it. I very much wait more esk8 content on YouTube or other social media channels. It doesn’t matter if it’s US or EU from where the content is coming. I don’t want my videos to get blocked and I also don’t want to get blocked watching other people’s crazy ride videos. If other people think the same than it’s definitely a thing to talk about.


Im hoping that they will just make the laws and not enforce them, the process of taking down gazillion of now “illegal” content will be extremely hard imo

There is no way to fully protect digital content, it will always be somehow stolen and shared more or less privately


Yes there is a way… Block 100% of the problem. China always did It. They realized a few personal blogs could contain porn so they blocked all the blogs of the world. Google couldn’t filter all the porn and YouTube has some boobs …they blocked It all. Eu has the means to block web sites or entire servers,countries or continents if they do not comply to their law. They could for example request to this forum to delete all the memes with copyrighted photos and block It if the web master does not comply. Youtube has the policy to delete first and ask later so they will delete most of the content. Anything with copyright. This law will not only screw us europeans but the whole world


I think if people want to discuss politics in this thread then go ahead, but I’d like to change the direction into the following question:

How will this forum (and the new one :upside_down_face: ) deal with these laws?

One option could be “No pictures… just words delete pictures!” but that’s :face_vomiting:

Another solution would be: since this forum is still at a manageable level when it comes to posts per hour, I think if there was a way for moderators to quickly verify if an image is a photo someone took or “evil copyrighted material”, they could just filter all posts with images that go through.

Third option: block the forum in the EU. When connecting from an EU IP address, show a page saying “your laws suck. use a VPN to connect outside europe to view awesome esk8 content :sunglasses:


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I’m not in the EU and you folks can do whatever you want.

If I publish a site here in the US, you can choose to access it or not access it, but I’m not following laws for another land far, far away. Period. If you don’t like it, don’t use it.

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Good note, I wonder if there’s a loophole to exploit there : just upload data on oversea servers then no censorship from the GAFA? Cause if it cannot be bypassed, it might become a matter of being unable to access it period, not simply being able to choose to or not.

@rusins blocking poor EU users from accessing the forum is so mean :joy: I feel comfortable around this place, you hurt my feelings.

Cause yea having to cope with deleted or blocked content just like @rojitor and @Andy87 said will be a pain in the ass.

You guys have already pointed out many relevant problems with this text. I don’t know how we’ll get eaten but sure even here we might take a hit.



I looked into it (just read a bit of Quora lol), and it seems like although the EU might not have any way to force US companies and individuals to play by their rules (such as with GDPR, where many US news sites just blocked EU traffic), if that company in any way does business within the EU / when you travel to the EU, you can/will be held accountable. It might also be possible that the country you live in makes a deal with the EU to allow them to fine you and what not (in this case, copyright law is something the US has pretty much forced all other world countries to adopt, so I fear they could set something up for this).

In any case, this forum is owned by Enertion, and it makes sense as a business decision to play safe and obey whatever rules come into play. They WILL have to make a decision regarding this.

It’s a crazy world we live in ;(

We’ll just put in our terms of service that you may not use it inside the EU. If you break the terms, that’s not our fault. It’s not made for you.

Hmm, that makes sense to me. I wonder why YouTube and other companies couldn’t make the same argument.

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I hope the social networks can block Europe instead of deleting content. We still can join using VPN. Nevertheless this copyright law will not be activated for 2 years. They still have time to measure the impact and make changes, delay or even cancell it


I don’t see an official confirmation from YouTube but must be true. Many sites in my country published the same news. There’s many songs that have multiple copyrights for example “despacito”. That video is the golden eggs chicken. Has 6.8 billion views, nearly a view per human on earth but they will delete it worldwide and forbid to upload again by anyone. Youtube is sharing profit with the owners of the content but will not pay upfront a single buck for a video. Unless all parts involved in every case come to an agreement many songs will be deleted worldwide not just blocked for eu. So guys… Pick carefully the songs for your riding videos because they might be deleted no matter where you live.

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That would not pass in the whole EU its just too extreme, this law passed without bringing too much attention to it, people would notiece that half of the web is missing pretty fast and a shit ton of protests would take place

At least I hope :slight_smile:

Since* it’s already voted ; new way to cancel / modify it is by pushing up new representatives or lobby the actual reps.

Good thing that there is time before it comes into application.