EU caliber truck and 63mm mount

I hope someone is selling at least one truck and a motor mount. I live in the netherlands. if you have questions, please comment!

I have motor mounts in stock:

and Caliber II trucks are incoming, should be in stock next week.

Are you looking for used trucks or new? I live in Belgium and got caliber trucks from here: Got the hobbyking motormount for like 8€ and it fits perfectly:

How does your truck look when you take off the mount? Is it beat up or does is just look new?

Dutch: Hoe ziet je truck eruit als je de mount eraf haalt? Maakt de mount de truck soort van kapot of ziet het er nog zoals een caliber truck uit? Op de plaatjes van Hobbyking ziet het er niet echt uit als een caliber mount

It has some scratches from the pressure points of the mount but that’s normal. You don’t need to make adjustments to the trucks, the mount will fit perfect. Hobbyking also sells their own trucks but caliber trucks are just much better.

A bit off topic, but what is de real difference between HK trucks and genuine calibers?

Thx for the motor mount info!

Yeah sickboards should have what you need

Hobbyking trucks are just cheap trucks and don’t look very good in my opinion. You can also go for caliber clones if you don’t want to spend a lot of money:

Or these are also caliber style trucks:

Hi there i am very new to this, and hoping you guys can help out. i would like to use the same setup as you but will use caliber ii 44 instead of 50, and will also use the hoppyking motor mount. and i am just a bit lost regarding the wheel size and pulley/gear system. would really appreciate your help. Thanks

That would be no problem, I had like 12mm clearance between my deck and the mount so with the 44 trucks it will be a bit closer to the deck.