EU: Custom battery pack

A123 have 70A capability, they may still be worth. Sony’s have way less

You are right. The discharge rate and the capacity aren’t the same stuff though. If you had a 1p battery (a123), it would be capable of handling a dual drive (in terms of amp peak). But when it comes to the range a123 and a 25r are both 2500mah so you can travel the same distance with the same configuration (1p). For this reason maybe vtc6 are the best (3000mah+30a discharge rate). Correct me if I am wrong.

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Yeah I know, but 30A is often not enough, and you are gonna stress the cells a bit too much. I would go for 60A honestly, maybe vtc6 in 2p

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Yes sure, 30a is never enough. I was comparing a123 and vtc6 considering price/performance.

So does anyone of you know how much energy does hills take?

With no hills longboards can live with even 5-15A discharge I think :smiley:

For acceleration (soft one) 20-30A might be needed…(single drive)

I am not to savy on this subject, but Since I live in switzerland in a very hilly area and I take hills at the 20-25% daily, I am sure not more than 50a, Since my Raptor has a 60a fuse in it. Ignore me if thats completely wrong :slight_smile:

Any luck with this? Looking for a pack for my jet spud made

I am offering packs through Street Wing for EU folks.

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@darkkevind will do one

If someone else is in need for a custom pack, just let me know. I´m doin all sizes, all cells, every configuration with or without BMS. Based in Germany :sunglasses: