EU: Custom battery pack

Loocking for somone doing custom battery packs in EU. If not somone has a good alternativ ? (with bms)

Ps: OFC DIY is the best way to go, but first never did it, secodnly lack of tools and very limited time :frowning:

I know that @Tarzan, @DeathCookies and me bought parts for a spot welder. Maybe someone can help out?

At first I have to make the welder :smiley: I plan to make my own pack, but havenā€™t planned to make packs for others.

I am going to make some packs for others sometimes later. For now i dont have the time and need to build my parts e.g. Spot welder.

I know someone from Poland. He was willing to make a battery pack for me. If someone is interested I can give his contact details

yes please. thanks. looking for battery build in EU.

Battery builder (from Poland) can be found on Endless Sphere forum.

His username there is:


Some of his battery jobs:

You can contact him by email:

[email protected]

or write a PM on the forum:

Iā€™m sure he is able to offer batteries at very competetive price, too! Although most of his stock consists of 10A cont discharge cells with high capacity (Sanyo), I believe.

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ta thanks a million

He looks like a really solid builderā€¦ and whatā€™s even better is that he has lots of batteriesā€¦ I hope it turns out well and you manage to work out the details with him :wink:

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Sorry to reopen this thread, but again/still have the need for a battery pack. I am scared to do it randomly since i got scammed once. But checked all the DYI-part sellers or any company that came in mind. Noone sells 10s4p / 12s4p in europeā€¦ Or did I miss something ?

@michichopf I could maybe make you one lol :smiley: What cells would you like to use? And where are you located exactly?

I assume you are from Bergen, Norway?

Would you like to do the soldering yourself and just want it spot welded ?

Might be a bit hard to put it in a heatshrink at the momentā€¦

Cells can be obtained in Euā€¦ you just need someone to do the welding + solderingā€¦

pm d you :slight_smile:

Are you in Bergenā€¦ or is that you surname? :joy::joy: I am in Stavanger during the week and just bought a spot welder. Maybe we can organize something. I wanted to check about air travel as it seems they have just changed the rules on Lithium batteries. i had initially planned to buy them from UK and take them with me to Norway to avoid the local state racket if I ordered them directly from Stavangerā€¦

Well my family hence my family name is actually from Bergen (founders) but my specific family tree imigrated to switzerland some 350 years ago. so its ā€œvon Bergenā€ meaning ā€œfrom Bergenā€. So no, i live in switzerland currently :slight_smile:

Ah ok! At least you money is safe thereā€¦ It will be a bit far then. I am not familiar with the legislation for the postage of batteries, but I assume it is possible as I see them flying on the forum. I can see what I can do for you, if you are not in a rush. Spot welder on its way, and I am not a professional (to say the leastā€¦).

Its fine shipping anyway I am swiss so not EU nor really europe, thats why all the stary etc are allways sold first here since we have different laws than all other :slight_smile:

Anyone doing 12s1p a123 packs with bms?

I think a123 is a bit rare on this side of world :smiley:

Even though nkon probably has them they are probably crazy expensive

9,70ā‚¬ each on, you would pay 120 on cells alone for a 12s 2500mAh

At this point it is worth buying sony vtc6 I believe.