[EU] Custom li-ion battery packs

Hi, it would be 400euros incl shipping. The bms have a e-switch so you can turn the pack off without antispark…



With pain in my heart & in order to give the best service to my customers, I temporarily pause my work. The requested orders & discussed price are still valid and still processed.

Unfortunately, people who now make a request for a quotation must be rejected.

You will still see updates of new battery packs and packs from a while ago, but new orders are temporary no longer accepted.

Hoping for your understanding.

I hope that all other battery builders have the time to deal with the extra orders that come this spring and summer.

I hope to be active again within 3-5 months.


Oh no! I was literally a few days away from ordering another battery from you D: Your prices are impossible to beat in the EU! :disappointed:

Haha whoops sorry!

Yeah I know my price is good. From the moment everything is back on the point, prices are unfortunately going up a little. I am going to do my best to keep this limited.

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It’s not unfortunate if you make a good product. That’s why the demand is high. Its only right that you should charge more.

I’ll be contacting you for my next battery :+1:



Are yoh up and running again? I would like an upgrade battery pack to my Evolve Carbon GT in Norway.

If not, do you know of any builders in Norway who could do the job for me?

Thanks, Carl

same. Could use a 10s5p Battery.