EU/DE Loaded Icarus Evolve Trucks Project/Build Help Needed



This is my first esk8 build project. After riding on a short deck meepo board for one year I decided its time to build my own long board esk8 witch is gonna be long range and much more comfortable than the hub motor meepo board.

Here is the parts I already own and have assembled:

  • Loaded Icarus Flex 2(I weigh around 60 KG)
  • Evolve GT Trucks(front and rear)
  • Reds Swiss Bearings
  • Orangatang Caguama 85mm

Because the board is very flexible a dual case build is necessary.

The parts I need to buy for the build:

(these parts can change)

Currently trying to order from unikboards @okp

  • Motor mounts for Evolve trucks and also fit 63mm motors

Seems very difficult to source

  • HTD5M 15MM Timing Belt

What size ?

  • Dual FSESC6.6 Plus based on VESC6

  • BLDC Belt Motor 6374 190KV + keyway

  • FLPSKY 5mm pitch 16T Motor Pulley

What are your opinion on these, alternatives etc.

  • Extended Range Battery + enclousure from Meepo Board

Cells: Samsung 10s2p 40T Configiration: 10s2p

Max discharge current: 60A

Should come as plug and play. 1 question remains about clearance.

  • Battery Charger probably from Meepo Boards

Since I already own another Meepo Board with a SANYO BATTERY PACK 20700B. (one charger at home one in the backpack) The battery packs and chargers should be interchangeable right ?

  • Flipsky 2.4Ghz Remote VX1 Remote

Thank you.


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Used to be available at @hyperIon1 but his site had been down for more than a week?

@ AlanZhou

Any ideas on the build/parts ?

we are rebuilding our site and working on some things in an eMTB direction.

The site will be up in a week or so under

We will no longer offer a evolve line of upgrade products, we will still do battery upgrades but not really focus on upgrades. eMTB budget builds and of course custom builds will be our main focus now.

like this 20190605_182643


Bumping the thread.

Hot looking build! Sorry for the lack of communication, the other forum has become more active than this one nowadays.

If you can’t get motor mounts from hyperionesk8, then you’ll have to get them from I think.

About the battery: I don’t know if the Meepo battery is a good value, but I do know that at 14AH it isn’t using Samsung 30Q cells, which are the best overall lithium ion cell for esk8 because of the best power and energy density per volume. Hyperion sells custom build battery packs in the US I believe, so I’d recommend getting one from him, or other battery pack builders on the forum.

Remote: read this and pick one :slight_smile: http:///esk8-remotes-garbage-or-greatness/

And one more important detail: Pick your enclosure first!!! That’ll determine how big your battery can / needs to be, and whether or not you can even use your current deck.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

I updated the part list, and I also changed the battery.

Any thoughts ?

If I can source the motor mounts I will probably order all the parts except the battery and use my current meepo SANYO BATTERY PACK 20700B for the mock-up.

Ah, 40T is a nice cell for a small battery pack like that. Good choice :slight_smile:

You can probably ask @okp what belt length you need with 16:36 pulleys. Or try and use a belt length calculator online (wish there was a custom one for esk8)

The battery charger should be fine as long as it’s also 42V.

TorqueBoards have a better reputation than Flipsky, but the ESC and pulley should be fine. (The remote is new, I don’t know if anyone’s tested it thoroughly yet) I’m unsure about the motor as well, they (Flipsky) used to have issues with loose magnets. TB motors are really solid nowadays, so if you’re in the US I don’t see why you wouldn’t go with them.

@rusins I am in Germany not US

Oooh. Then yeah, flipsky motors are your best option unless you pay quite some more for quality Maytech motors.

Also, I’m not sure if Evolve truck axles are longer than usual trucks ( I think so, based on their pulleys) meaning you can use press-fit wheel pulleys from eboardsolutions. :slight_smile: