[EU] DIY Dual-motor ESK8 for sale - accepting offers

Hi all,

I am looking to sell my build, which has about 100km on it. It was build last summer and has been collecting dust since. The board works very good and is a beast (top speed cca. 60 km/h), with a range of 30+ km (never fully drained the battery).

The sale includes the board, remote and the charger – more details below. Selling the whole package, not looking to part it.


  • Flipsky Dual FSESC 6.6 Plus VESC
  • 2x BLDC 6374 190kv motors (*)
  • VC2 Remote controller
  • Torque boards dual motor mechanical kit:
    • 218mm Trucks
    • 97mm 78A wheels
    • 15mm belts
  • 2x Zippy Compact 6200 mAh 6S 40C LIPO (wired to 12S) (**)
  • BMS included
  • Charger included


  • (*) One of the motors has been making a clicking sound since the very beginning. The performance is not affected (performing same as the other motor) and the VESC tool shows everything as normal.
  • (**) One of the battery cells is dead, which means the batteries are effectively 10S now. The battery is easily replaceable with no soldering (XT90 and JST-XH plugs)
  • The on/off button on the board does not work. Instead, an XT90 Loop key is used as the on/off switch as visible from the pictures.


  • Slovenia, EU


  • 1050 USD / 900 EUR

If you tear it down I’m interested in the vesc/drive train