[EU] DIY Unikboards 10s duo 6355 190kv board

About a year ago I switched to a Boosted Mini and never looked back to DIY building. I know it’s a shame haha, but it’s my second hobby after flying drones. Around a year ago I started this build and it’s finally for like 99% finished.

Looking to sell the complete board, not willing to part out this build yet. All the parts are brand new, except for the battery, deck and wheels.

  • Unikboards carbon deck with enclosure
  • 2x Orangatang kegel wheel driver 32T
  • 2x Unikboards POLARIS sensored motor 6355 190KV
  • 2x Enertion Focbox Motor Controller
  • 1x Unikboards Spartancell accu 7500mAh / 36v / 10S3P with BMS and charger
  • 2x Caliber II 50° e-trucks
  • 1x Unikboards Core Series dual motor mount
  • 2x HTD5M BELT 15MM - 265
  • 2x Motor pulley 15T
  • 1x Dual Vesc connector by CANBUS
  • 2x VESC Hall Sensor Adapter Connector
  • Hobbyking GT2B receiver with Sparkle remote.

How much and location

Also list this on the other forum ( forum) it will get sold much quicker

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