[EU / DK] Trading Loaded Vanguard Flex 2

Looking for a smaller deck around 29" or so for a new project.

I have a brand new Loaded Vanguard Flex 2, that has predrilled holes for Meepo Board enclosures, only has 30km on it never really used it has Carbon fiber swap around it to protect it and make it look nice

The holes can be covered with wood glue stuff stuff and look brand new again since the artwork wasn’t damaged.

Looking for something like this: https://www.unikboards.com/en/boutique/unik-carbone-deck/

Also, long shot I know, but only EU and hopefully someone from Denmark since I want to do the swap as cheap and problem free for both.

Can also include the enclosures for free on top since I won’t need them anymore.

If your wanting to sell.

Thanks, but already wrote to him.

He doesn’t want to pay that much for it.

Yep @darkkevind is looking for one. I also have the original Jet Spud available for pre order. I can ship to Europe for $42 (little pricy). Let me know if you have any questions.


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Ahahaha just a question

How can this be brand new? :rofl:

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I drilled the holes, went out for one test ride cleaned it put it in the box again.

Returned it to the seller asked how much they wanted to pay for it, they low balled me and now its been in its box ever since.

it’s not brand new :rofl:


Its as new as it gets, the store i bought it from already had it out for a ride once or twice.

And they sold it as brand new, i just drilled the holes ran the board for maybe 500 meters and swapped it out with my Flex 3.

Currently out of any form of money, and i would hate to deal with customs so i cant buy outside of EU for the time being.

But nice looking deck :slight_smile:

Update: Filled all the holes the store took it back as brand new and issued a full refund nice.