[EU] [DONE] 10S 42V 4 to 6A

Hi everyone, looking for a 10S 42V charger (or 41.5V you know what I mean) 4A to 6A current (it’s for a 12Ah pack). Looking into Europe for shipping reason, but if Swiss guy have one it’s good too !

Eskating.eu have them on sale at the moment if I remember correctly

if you can wait.

FOR 12S:

FOR 10S:

I think your answer is in here :wink:

Have you tried it or know of someone who did?

I only source my charger from aliexpress. if they dont ship you wrong shit they are good.

That charger above is the wrong charger

Why do you say that?

BTW, I am currently on a 10S battery, but might upgrade to 12S at some point.

Whoops. if you order from aliexpress make sure to tell them what plug you want.

Some folks consider that a downgrade.

Yeah, even if their shipping cost is high, I think I’ll go this way